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how to make a vine covered pergola

My vine covered pergola has mildew/dirt. Can I apply a 10%

Asked on Mar 1, 2012 My vine covered pergola has mildew/dirt. Can I apply a 10% bleach solution?

Make Shade: Canopies, Pergolas, Gazebos and More HGTV

Make Shade: Canopies, Pergolas, Gazebos and More as both a shade-maker and a place for flowering vines to flourish. roof of this chartreuse covered porch let

Vine Covered Pergola Design Ideas, Pictures - YouTube

Below topics also shows some interset as well pergola plants what are the best plants for a pergola?. Vine covered pergola design ideas, pictures, remodel and decor. What vines grow well on pergolas?.

How to Train Vines to Climb on Pergolas - Urban Exteriors

Naturally, your vines will continue to climb until they reach the upper part of pergolas. As with the base, you need to tie the vines to guide their growth. To make a canopy of vines, tie their stems in such a way that they cross the beams horizontally. In some instances, the pillars or the base of a pergola may become bare as vines grow upward.

Build a Vine-Covered Archway to your Yard Plymouth Nursery

Often located at the entrance to a garden or patio area, a "pergola" is a vine-covered gateway that's cling with flowering vines and can help even a small space feel distinctive. Despite the fancy Italian name, a pergola is essentially just a series of 2, 3, 4 or 5 arches interconnected with vine-covered lattices.

Vines That Create Shade In The Garden - Gardening Know How

Structures like pergolas, arbors and green tunnels have been used for centuries to hold up vines that create shade. Vines trained up trellises and as espaliers create living walls that shade and cool from the hot summer sun. Read more to learn about using vine plants as shade cover. Creating Shade with Vining Plants


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