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screened pavilions for backyards

How to set up the ultimate home theater PC

Home Entertainment How to set up the ultimate home theater PC. Hooking up your computer to your TV goes beyond a video cable. From configuring your PC to choosing the right accessories, follow

Ep. 118: New MacBooks and iPads, and will Ustream save

This week we're buried under a ton of Apple news. We've got new test results for the MacBook Pro and 13-inch MacBook Air, plus there's the new iPad 2 to talk about. Later, Charlie Sheen goes rogue

As Samsung Galaxy S8 launches, did Note 7 blow-up change

Mobile As Galaxy S8 launches, did Note 7 blowup change anything? Samsung hoped its new battery safety procedures would inspire the phone industry.

Make the most out of your computer's USB audio port

Computers Make the most out of your computer's USB audio port. Your USB audio port can be surprisingly useful--giving you even better sound than your computer's regular audio output.

Look inside the CNET Smart Home

We're taking our smart-home coverage to the next level with our own house dedicated to reviewing all those connected locks, lights and thermostats. Come look inside

A bomb shelter for every home?

People are digging up their backyards and basements and installing personal disaster shelters. The one I'm in right now is Atlas Survival Shelter's BombNado. This bare bones fallout shelter will

Can you build a backyard theater on the cheap?

Big yard, big screen, big fun. Open Air Cinema A couple years back I had the chance to review an outdoor movie kit from Open Air Cinema.

Apple's iPhone unit sales take a surprising fall

This isn't the kind of surprise Apple watchers want to see. Apple on Tuesday reported a slight drop in quarterly iPhone unit sales to 50.8 million units, from 51.2 million units a year earlier.


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