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pergola between garage and house

How to fix 5 common garage door dilemmas

Garage door openers offer convenience and security for our vehicles and our homes. However, like any mechanical product, issues are bound to arise and years of use can take their toll.

Andrew "AJ" Freund missing: Father's 911 call released as

A father told a dispatcher he frantically hunted in his house, garage and neighborhood in suburban Chicago, looking for his son who wasn't home when he returned from a doctor's appointment

Historic hydro: The Hoover Dam revealed

Bigger than a two-car garage. There's a museum in the building on the left, the Spillway House in the middle has meeting rooms for the staff, and the tops of the intake towers are on the right

Liftmaster links MyQ Garage with Google and IFTTT

IFTTT also supports timed automations if it's 9 p.m., then close the garage door , as well as geofenced automations if my phone exits a one-mile radius of my home, then close the garage door .

The only way to save the smart home hub is to kill it

The rise and fall of smart hubs. In 2012, as existing security and cable companies like ADT and Comcast expanded tentatively into automation, a small Kickstarter campn caught fire.

Amazon Alexa Compatible Products

Skybell's doorbell camera keeps an eye on your front stoop, and you can ask Alexa to snap a picture from the feed. Skybell's doorbell camera keeps an eye on your front stoop, and you can ask Alexa

LG Gram 2-in-1 14 inch, 2019 review: An ultralight 2-in

The Good The LG Gram 14 2-in-1 laptop is an ultralight pen-enabled convertible with extraordinary battery life for its class. It has more ports and connections than other convertibles

Difference between Garage and Apartment/question

For Grand Theft Auto Online on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Difference between Garage and Apartment/question".

Can you move cars from one garage to the other?

get in car in garage a and move it to garage b. when you enter garage b it fills the first empty slot and is now tied to that spot rather than the one in garage a. as long as you have a garage space open in each garage you can freely move back and forth between the 2, i dont know why it was rumored that it wouldnt work this way.

Roost Sensor will let you know if you left your garage

The Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor, unveiled at CES 2018, will let you know if the door is open or closed. It just can't do anything about it.

Amazon Alexa Compatible Products

Alexa is showing up in products beyond the Echo speaker. Wherever you find her, she can control a growing list of smart home devices.

Garadget adds voice control and simple smarts to your

Connected garage doors keep you from more wondering if you closed the garage door when you left for work or if you remembered to shut it when you came home. The Garadget is an $89 smart controller


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