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pergola wind bracing

Wilma Hits Florida

Many of the areas bracing for Wilma were hit by hurricanes in the past two years. The National Guard is on alert, and state and federal officials have trucks of ice and food ready to deploy.

Gardening With Charlie Dimmock

Harsh wind, salt spray and sun and sandy soil affect seaside plants. Plants need to be both robust and adaptable, as well as, have leaves and stems that stop water loss.

Late Winter Storms Tear Through Midwest

Price says with wind chill temperatures will be down Tina Brusketter takes photos of flooding from the front porch of her home in Findlay, Ohio, March 9, 2009. Her home had the foundation

Deadly Midwest Floods

A cloud formation moves over Oconomowoc, Wis., Sunday, June 8, 2008, as the state contended with heavy rains, wind damage and areas of flooding. Weekend storms pounded the U.S. from the Midwest to

Kendrick Lamar

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Watch Handcrafted America Episodes on INSP Season 3

Salvaged Stools, Baby Wraps, and Porch Swings. Season 3, Episode 2. August 19, 2017. Host Jill Wagner travels to New Orleans to meet a man making colorful stools from hurricane debris. In Alabama

Katrina Makes Landfall

Chief Joseph Matthews of the Office of Emergency Preparedness tells CBS News that if the levees wind up underwater, the resulting floods could take as long as two weeks to drain.

Cold weather, blizzard conditions and Boston area flooding

Brutally cold conditions have prompted wind chill warnings from Virginia to Vermont as frigid temperature are expected to envelop the East Coast most of this weekend.

The Hobbit FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by ShadowN64

These plants will wind up or take a deep "breath" if you can call it that and then let loose a stream of missile seeds at you. Ouch, that hurts. They can sense you even with your ring on, but when you have it on you can tip-toe around and they won't shoot at you. Kill the three that are in this next little area. Make sure you get the red CP in one of the "normal" plant ; There's a chest

Flooding threatens Alabama after Christmas tornado

The flooding is the result of heavy downpours that have been thrashing the southeastern U.S. since Wednesday, bringing record rainfalls in some areas.

Isabel: North Carolina

A woman protects her son as they brace against the wind and rain outside a grocery store in Tarboro, N.C., Sept. 18, 2003, as the front of Hurricane Isabel arrives in the area. Credit: AP

New Jersey

Cities across the East Coast from the Carolinas to Massachusetts are digging out after a massive blizzard over the Jan. 23-24, 2016 weekend. Seven states and Washington D.C. declared states of

10 ways to prepare your home for hurricane season

Secure and seal your roof Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock "It all starts with the roof," Rochman said. "The roof is the largest potential opening on the house, and wind and water

Watch The This Old House Hour Episodes Online Season 14

Bracing the Basement. Season 14, Episode 3. October 15, 2015. Rotten lally columns in the basement are replaced; the marble sink and claw-foot tub are removed from the guest bath so that they can

John Alderson

John Alderson biography, pictures, credits,quotes and more John Alderson passed away on August 4, 2006, in Woodland Hills, Califo


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