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install pergola on uneven surfaces

Curiosity to seek clues to microbial Martian life photos

Here, engineers test out Curiosity's driving ability over varied terrain, observing the rover's Rocker-Bogie suspension system as it drives over uneven ground during tests at JPL, according to NASA.

NASA's Orion edges closer to space photos

Preparing for a splash. The Orion boilerplate test article, or BTA, was painted at Langley Air Force Base and then moved to a nearby facility for the installation of instruments prior to test

Install the Ring Video Doorbell 2 in a flash

Install the Ring Video Doorbell 2 in a flash. April 11, 2019. Transcript MUSIC If you've been dreaming of a smart doorbell upgrade, the $199 ring video doorbell 2 might just be for you, here is

How to buy a stove or oven

Electric coil stoves are notorious for uneven cooking because of uneven distribution of the coil. In short, it is hard to keep the coil perfectly level, which can make all of the food in the pan

Stacked Stone

forgot to mention - since u are working on stone - uneven surface. where the lag bolt goes thru the mortar - its probably the lowest point. you can use maybe a 1/2dia.

3D Printer Build Week: Day Two photos

The first layer of the build surface sits on top of the springs, and the whole setup is anchored to the lower plate with screws. By adjusting the screws, which run through the springs, you can

Microsoft Security Essentials

Installation It takes very little effort to get going with MSE. Microsoft politely does not opt you in to the program's customer experience improvement program; you must choose to opt in or stay out of it before you can finish the installation.

NeoSoar eBooks, PDF and ePub reader for iOS

The result is interesting, but uneven. The audience for NeoSoar is likely limited to those who already have NeoSoar accounts online. The platform is designed to enable small and local bookstores

Moon Air Moon Lander for iOS

You are the pilot in this blast of a moon lander game. With three levels, it is your job to safely land the moon rocket without crashing into uneven surfaces or landing too hard.

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet Windows Vista review: Lenovo

Though unusual angles or uneven surfaces can throw the system off, during our tests it almost always aligned correctly; users can also disable the function. Lenovo does include a manual screen

Microsoft Windows RT review: Limited and confusing

But that hasn't been everybody's experience, and the CNET review of the Surface RT found its performance uneven, to be charitable. My colleague Eric Franklin noted several problems: slow app

Technology News

Vivaldi mobile browser, email software coming this year. CEO Jon Von Tetzchner also calls for privacy regulation to keep firms from tracking us and explains why Vivaldi doesn't block ads.


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