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cost of materials to build a deck with a pergola

2019 Costs To Build A Deck

New Deck Installation Cost. The average homeowner spends $2,200 to build a 10x10 foot deck, $6,160 to build a 14x20 deck, and $8,800 to build a 20x20 deck. The cost to build a deck with pressure-treated wood, outdoor, or composite is about $25 per square foot, for both materials and installation.

2019 Cost to Build a Pergola Arbor and Trellis Prices

HomeAdvisor's Arbor Construction Cost Guide lists price information on building an arbor, pergola, or trellis in a yard, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers.

2019 Deck Construction Costs Average Price to Build a Deck

The cost to build a deck in wood, composite or plastic is about $35 per square foot, including materials. The cost of your project will depend on factors like size, building materials, and extras to enhance functionality.

Cost to Install Build Deck

How much does it cost to build a 10x16 deck? A 10 x 16 deck is 160 sq.ft. The cost of construction averages $4,800-$5,600 for labor, plus the cost of material. The cost of wooden deck materials averages $2,790-$3,422. How much does it cost in labor to build a deck? The average cost of labor to build a deck is $30-$35 per sq.ft.

Cost of Wood Pergola

If youre looking for 2019 breakdown for Cost of Wood Pergola materials and what installation cost might be, youve come to the right place. As an experienced licensed home improvement contractor, I know first hand what it should cost for various levels from Basic, Better, and of course the best.

Top 20 Pergola Designs, Plus their Costs

The stone posts increase the costs of the pergola. The materials for 1 sq. ft. of stone wall cost at least $13 and it takes approximately 40 minutes to build. The footing comes with extra costs in terms of material and labor but not as much as the actual building of the wall.


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