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are pergolas considered permanent structure

What's a Temporary Structure at an HOA?

An HOAleader.com reader writes, "Are playsets considered a temporary structure? In our CCRs it states that no tent, utility shed, shack, trailer or other structure of a temporary nature shall be placed upon a lot or any part of the property.

Non-permanent structures/sh*ds etc. What's the law? Army

Nobody has actually defind what a non-permanent structure is. My area sheds and satalight dishes require PP, but it is ignored and not enforced. Other areas I have worked in even conservatories are considered non-pemanent, as they can be unscrewed and taken down. Did you have this 'structure' before the **** moved in?


Chapter 8.40 ACCESSORY STRUCTURES AND USES REGULATIONS 8.40.010 Purpose.. The purpose of these provisions is to establish the regulations that apply to accessory structures, and to specify the uses that are permitted as accessory to the principal uses in the zoning districts.

Augusta, GA Gazebos and Pergolas Dalzell Design Landscaping

Although most gazebos and pergolas are not considered permanent structures, many townships and municipalities have size requirements in order to maintain your propertys level of safety. Our Team Will Help You Jump any HOA Hoops

Consider shade sails over permanent shade structures

A pergola is also an unenclosed structure, which generally consists of an open frame and is unroofed and it may or may not be attached to dwellings. Both these types of structures are permanent shade structures, which require a building permit and a special development approval to be constructed.

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Perfect Pergolas provide a totally unique design service for all our UK made pergolas. as a timber frame is not considered a permanent building or structure it

Gazebos, Pergolas and Canopies - Seven Trust's

A permanent gazebo, trellis structure or patio awning offers a long-term escape from the elements. Seven Trust's carries pergola kits and gazebo kits to make doing it yourself easy. To keep your vehicle or tractor protected, we've got a great selection of canopy storage shelters , carports and patio covers.

A Matter of Land What can I do to not breach my restrictive

3. Can a pergola structure be placed between the building extending right up to the boundary? Is a pergola considered a permanent structure? 4. If the open area between the building and the boundary is grilled to create an enclosed effect but still open to weather elements, etc no roof , is this considered a breach?

The Pros and Cons of Pergola Covers OKC Backyard

Extreme heat and cold can also cause cracking, discoloration or splitting depending on the grade of cover, meaning that a replacement may be needed at one point. They are also considered a more permanent solution since they are screwed or nailed into the pergolas surface. Fabric Pergola Covers. Pros

What is a permanent structure - answers.com

Typically, however, sheds and fences are not considered permanent structures so that if the structure sits over onto your neighbor's property the title insurance company generally won't insure the

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What is a Pergola? A Pergola was considered to be a large arbor-like free standing structure with column or posts supporting a trellis work over which plants or vines grew. Just like arbors, pergolas were used to shade a walkway, passageway or sitting area. It is the size that makes the greatest difference between an Arbor and a Pergola.

Patio covers kits Wood, outdoor, vinyl, custom, DIY, more

Pergolas are permanent, long-term structures. Having both the space to accommodate one, as well as a place to anchor the supports, is important. Pergolas are available in prefabricated kits, with the dimensions predetermined. Or you can order one with custom dimensions suited to your unique needs. Pros Can offer lots of shade or little

Pergola, Covered Structure or Pavilion: How to know which is

One of the key differences to a pergola is that a patio cover is attached to another permanent structure such as a house or garage. Patio covers function as an extension of a house, providing a definite space of the outdoor living area. They are typically solid roofed structures and are held up by posts.

When can an above ground pool considered a permanent structure?

When can an above ground pool considered a permanent structure? Are pergolas considered structural elements of a house? It has no cellular structure and it is not considered to be an

Shade Structures - Outdoor Shades - AllOutCool

Outdoor shade structures are specially constructed to stand up to the harsh outdoors sun, wind, rain, dust, and snow, heat and cold, so you don't have to think about them so much. Outdoor shades use special materials that are especially durable and resist fading. Support structures resist rust and corrosion and many are made of completely


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