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heavy duty composite pergola

Atlantic Technology System 1200 review: Atlantic

The 1200's cabinets are solidly constructed from medium density fiberboard and fitted with heavy-duty, five-way binding posts. The 212 SB subwoofer features a front-firing, 10-inch long-throw

Arcade Games Taito G-NET FAQ

You get 2 heavy duty joysticks with it as well It comes with also the extra button wiring if you don't have one, ask stevee microsoft.com for one, he has many of them . How do you get one of these? Well, for $295, you can get one from MAS Systems the innovator of the Super Gun , at 714 831-5760. And sorry, you can't get a cheaper model in the U.S.A. : I'd advise you to get an S-Video

IBM ThinkPad X series offers heavy-duty features in an

The ThinkPad X series squeezes a lot of computer into a very small package. For users on the go, this laptop is definitely a winner. Read the full review.

GMC is bringing some supercar to its Sierra with the

Trucks GMC is bringing some supercar to its Sierra with the CarbonPro bed. Yep, we are now living in an era where trucks have hyper-durable carbon fiber beds and it's great.

Fatman iTube 452 review: Fatman iTube 452

Fatman's iTube 452 derives its '452' moniker from having two 45W output channels, but will also output to a subwoofer via RCA cable. To the rear are superb, heavy-duty wire terminals, with

Cerwin-Vega CVHD 5.1 review: Cerwin-Vega CVHD 5.1

Cerwin-Vega refers to itself as "the loud speaker company," and its extraordinary CVHD 5.1 system makes good on that promise--but the lack of included stands will mean an extra expense for most users.

TiVo Series3 32-HD hours review: TiVo Series3 32-HD

Those CableCard slots come with some heavy-duty encryption and rights management restrictions, so TiVo had to disable its network-friendly TiVo To Go and Multi-Room Viewing functions. That means

Polk Monitor 30 review: Polk Monitor 30

The speaker's double set of heavy-duty connectors offer the possibility of biwiring attaching two sets of wire to each speaker or biamping using two amp channels to drive each Monitor 30

Chevrolet reviews, news, pictures, and video

The new light-duty diesel is due this summer for the cost of the gas-powered 6.2-liter V8. Diesel Cars by Kyle Hyatt 6 days ago GM will invest $300M in Bolt EV plant to construct new electric model

NHT Verve review: NHT Verve

The speakers' heavy-duty spring post connectors accept bare wire, spades, or banana plugs. Those connectors are pretty robust, but in a $2,000 speaker system we expect even sturdier five-way

US Air Force at 70: From early jets to stealth aircraft

The first production model made its maiden flight on Aug. 5, 1954, and although the Air Force took its final delivery of the heavy bomber in 1962, more than 70 of the H model aircraft -- all

Corning fires up new super scratch-resistant glass

A handful of niche phones use sapphire, including the heavy-duty Kyocera Brigadier and Vertu Signature Touch, which starts at $10,800. Also, despite GT Advanced's implosion, several analysts

A century of the best of the U.S. Air Force pictures

SR-71 Blackbird. This is an SR-71 Blackbird, seen at the Strategic Air Museum in Ashland, Neb. The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force also has a Blackbird, of which there were 32 built.

Cerwin-Vega CVHD 5.1 review: Cerwin-Vega CVHD 5.1

Instead of the typical plastic-spring clip connectors, the speakers boast heavy-duty five-way binding posts--they accept banana plugs, spades, or bare wire ends. Continue to next page 01

19 Christmas light safety tips to help you avoid holiday

You can buy an inexpensive cord protector -- like the Twist and Seal Heavy Duty Cord Protector or the Extension Cord Safety Seal -- to keep your cords dry or plan your light display so that


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