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can i put an aluminum pergola on my wood deck

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A ceiling fan is a great addition to a patio cover. Ceiling fans can be installed in solid roof patio covers to keep the air circulating and the temperature down. Plan ahead and have your contractor run electrical wiring to where you would like to hang the fan. Wooden and aluminum patio covers can

Vinyl and Aluminum Pergola Kits - Landscaping Network

This aluminum pergola kit has one side angled, which works better with the homeowners existing stairs and deck. Aakre had to build the pergola taller than usual so it wouldnt obstruct the windows and so people wouldnt bump their heads when walking off the existing deck. It provides shade in the afternoons. Aluminum pergola kits run

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All pergolas are securely built and not easy to take down or change. Pergolas may require permit approvals. The Amish deck builders at Decks R Us remove zoning headaches as part of the Hassle Free Guarantee. Get Your Quote Now. Already have a deck but just want a pergola? Contact Decks R Us and we can give you a free estimate on just a pergola.

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How can I tell if something that looks great now, will still look beautiful in 5 or 10 years? Start with the right material. Most pergolas are built from Wood, PVC/Vinyl, Steel/Aluminum or Concrete. Wood is the most popular material. Your wood choice will determine longevity and long-term maintenance see Appendix A for more .

How to Maintain a Deck or Pergola - Outdoor Living Today

Staining your deck or pergola. Sometimes, the color of your pergola or deck may fade over time. If you look at a cedar pergola for example, it may turn silvery-gray from its light reddish color. This is mainly due to the natural weathering process of the wood. You could consider applying a stain and sealant to preserve the original color.

DIY Pergola Tutorial: How to Build Your Own Backyard Shade

Thank you so much for this I followed your DIY instructions and my pergola turned out beautiful Its mounted on my deck as you did yours. It is extremely sturdy already put to the test by a few nasty thunderstorms and just looks awesome Every time my wife walks out onto the deck shes still says I cant believe you built this

How to secure gazebo 10' x 10' to a deck? - RedFlagDeals

How to secure gazebo 10' x 10' to a deck? I am going to be putting the gazebo on my deck - so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips/suggestions/thoughts on how best to secure the gazebo to the deck. I know wind can pick up and launch a gazebo airborn if it isn't secured properly actually, the spikes to secure it to the ground are a joke if

I would like to install an outdoor ceiling fan under the pergola

I would like to install an outdoor ceiling fan under the pergola covering the deck of my house. The pergola is flat and generally constructed with 2 by 8's running parallel about 12 inches apart, but it has no cover roof . I know that I can securely attach a metal fan box to one of the members of the pergola, however, I am concerned about the

Planning to Build a Pergola on a existing deck but I don't

I build a lot of decks,deck covers and pergolas. I would make sure your post are in the ground at least 30 or more depending on the height of the pergola ,with a concrete pad under the post before you poor concrete around them. If you dont want to disturb your deck just put the post out side of the deck.the rest of the details will depend

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For installation on a wood deck or concrete patio, use the New England Arbors hassle-free Bolt Down Bracket System purchase separately . For an in-ground installation, you can extend the posts with pressure treated lumber wood inserts purchased from your local hardware store.

Repairing a Wood Deck and Building a Pergola Shade Arbor

When the wood is thoroughly clean and dry, you can apply a clear sealer or a deck stain. Color or no color is a matter of personal preference, but its important that you seal the pores of the wood to keep out moisture that amplifies the expansion and contraction of the wood. That creates cracks and reduces the life of your deck.

Can You Put a Fire Pit on a Deck? Hunker

A fire pit is a fun addition to your backyard, but you need to consider several issues before placing one on your deck. In some areas, summer burn bans and other legal issues may prevent you from enjoying a fire pit at all or may prevent you from placing it on certain decking materials.

Aluminum Pergola - OUTDOOR LIVING online

Many people love the natural look of wood but find it very tough to deal with a wooden pergola. For such wood lovers, aluminum pergolas that are painted to look like wooden are available in the market. The style of the aluminum pergola can also be customized and you can choose whether you want the blocks to be rectangular or square.

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Wood e.g., Wood Deck - Lag Bolts 3/8" for attaching to a wood deck. Read more about anchoring your Pergola in our FAQ, including the best grade of wood to choose for your climate. More technical details: Ideally Confirm your Structure Dings prior to laying foundations especially for paver or flagstone patios.

Is it Safe to Have a Fire Pit Under a Gazebo or Pergola

Wood burning fire pits on the patio or deck must always have a fire pit screen to contain embers and prevent them from flying out. Perhaps, another concern you may be faced with in regards to using a fire pit under a gazebo or pergola is the effect the radiant heat generated by your fire pit will have on the ceiling and walls if any .

How to attach a pergola to a deck - Quora

There are several ways to attach a pergola to a deck but they all depend on the size of your pergola and the construction of your deck. If possible, a pergola anchored to a footing is best.


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