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8ft or 10ft pergola should i build

Best HDMI cables for your new 4K and HDR TV

In broad strokes, the build and material quality is much more important in long HDMI cables than short. Over 15ft/3m there is a much higher chance that a mediocre cable won't work, or won't work

Fore Giant gator strolls across Florida golf course

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.-- Alligators living on or around Florida golf courses is nothing new, but one gator has gone viral after it was caught on camera ambling through a golf course.

How tall should the New Gods be in the DCEU?

For Darkseid I say about 10ft. if it's on Earth via Boom Tube and About 50th if he is in Apocalypse. For regular New Gods should be 8ft Barda should be the tallest at 9ft. MasterKungFu

Fantasy Basketball News, Stats and Analysis

Leonard totaled 19 points 6-13 FG, 1-3 3Pt, 6-8 FT , seven rebounds, four steals, two blocks and an assist across 34 minutes in the Raptors ' win over the Bucks on Tuesday.

HDMI 2.0: What you need to know

Home Entertainment HDMI 2.0: What you need to know. The long-awaited HDMI 2.0 is here, with more 4K support, higher frame rate potential, NO NEW CABLES, and more.

Champions of Norrath Walkthrough

Champions of Norrath Walkthrough Snowblind Studios has proven once again that they're the leaders of the action-RPG genre on consoles, with Champions of Norrath.

Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader FAQ/Walkthrough for PC

Shylockes Building ----- This building will start out locked, but once Shylocke returns youll be able to complete some quests involving him and Shakespeare see Shakespeares Woes in section 07.05.00 . Also in the building you can find the book History of the Crusades in the chest closest to the desk. The book can be used in Weng Chois quest see Weng Chois Book

How big a TV should I buy?

Most people sit about 9 feet from their TV. THX recommends a display that fills 40 degrees of your field of vision. Geoffrey Morrison How big a TV should

Mega Man X Boss FAQ for Super Nintendo by Brother Reed

Repeat this process until you blow the head loose from the body and the building begins to blow. What will Sigma do now? Why the other Mega Man X games? Watch the credits, and wait on the "thanks for playing" screen. After a while, a message is intercepted. A dark, dark message .. ***** ***** CREDITS ***** ***** * Written by Brother Reed Brother Reed writes all his own FAQs * All

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura FAQ/Walkthrough

The good Doc is located in the building just west of the temple, marked 'General Practitioner' Doc Roberts can train you as an Apprentice in Healing and Firearms, and as an Expert in Firearms . You can tell him that Jacob Bens wants you to rob the bank's safe, which bumps your Alignment 1 point to the right, but that botches this quest. Anyway, you should complete Quest 8 first. Then

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds FAQ/Walkthrough for

The spot you should be aiming for is just right of the building in your way the spot you should aim for is about 1-2 inches to the right of the building on your television . With a little luck, just about any character can reach the green in 2 shots with the right equipment. Just make sure you curve your shot to the left or right to avoid the tree in your path. Don't undershoot the ball

I'm. glad the witcher 3 has something that almost every

For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I'm. glad the witcher 3 has something that almost every other game does not have".

The big picture: Projection screen basics

TVs are great and all, but if you want really epic entertainment, you need a projector. One-hundred-plus inches of high-definition awesomeness. Projectors, though, are a two-piece system. There's

Pascal Siakam Fantasy Basketball News

Pascal Siakam totaled 20 points 7-15 FG, 0-3 3Pt, 6-8 FT , three rebounds, one assist, one steal and a block over 34 minutes in the Toronto Raptors' loss to the 76ers on Thursday.Siakam had an

Jokergeist's Party R1: Juiceboks vs Batnorris vs BetaTest

Morrigan. Morrigan is a Witch of the Wilds who accompanies the player character in the Dragon Age Series. She is one of the fabled Witch of the Wilds, a group of sorceresses from the Korcari Wilds.

Fantasy Basketball News, Stats and Analysis

Lowry totaled 25 points 6-11 FG, 3-7 3Pt, 10-10 FT , six assists and five rebounds across 34 minutes in the Raptors ' win over the Bucks on Tuesday.

jostenmeat ???? for you

Jostenmeat, Please excuse this question if it is obviuos, but I am new to all this I have been reading your post about HTIB, and after independently che


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