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pergola column slide over post

Tomb Raider: Anniversary FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by

Slide down to the ground and make your way over to the GYM ARTIFACT LEDGE again. Jump backwards and use the grapple to run along the wall again but this time jump off the wall to the left to the sloping edge on the column facing mat "2" . You may have to shorten the grapple rope a little bit to do so your feet should be just above the markings on the wall . When you get onto the slope jump

Tomb Raider: Anniversary FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by why2cj

Jump over to the large column beside you and climb up using the cracks. Ignore the platform with the locked gate on it and instead jump over to the platform with the railings. Jump to the next platform and use your grappling hook to wall run to the other side. Ignore the picture on the wall for now and go down the corridor on the left. You'll come to another picture on a door. Study the

Prince of Persia FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Axel7174

Now, jump back to the fissure and this time, go up and over to the slide and collect the next seed. Wall Run and jump to the next slide for the last one along this path 392/540 . Cross the gaps and watch a short scene. When you gain control, jump to the column. Align yourself on the column and then jump into a Wall Run and take the seed there. Hit the rings and leap to the next column. Slide

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones FAQ/Walkthrough for

He swung over a railing and jumped to a column. It was too far to reach the valiant troops, but he slid swiftly down and came behind the pacing sentry he noticed from above. He waited until his back was turned, then dropped and moved quickly behind, where first a slash and then a thrust was enough to deal a second death. Another enemy stood in arrogant stance below, and the Prince ran out on a

Prince of Persia FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by TheGum

Go up, go over, jump to the column, get to the vines, and slide down, then go back across the poles to the other side with the seed. You should have 30 seeds from this area. *NOTE: There is a back path from here that leads to an area that you can do nothing in, so no reason to go, but there are a few light seeds, but again, there is no reason to go. Feel free to get the few lights seeds and

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time FAQ/Walkthrough for

Jump to the next column and slide down to solid ground. Scale the rubble in the corner, then run up the wall and kick off to grab the pole. Flip over the two poles to the next ledge, then run back the way you came and jump over the gap to the column. Grab the SAND CLOUD on this platform. Now, get back on the columns, and column-hop left as far as you can go, then jump onto the next small

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Jump onto the ledge on your left, slide across, jump left to grab hold of the column, slide 90 degrees left and jump to then column opposite of you, slide 180 degrees left, jump to the column opposite of you, then slide 90 degrees right and jump onto the ledge. Kick the door open and follow the walkway into the room on your left. Drop to the room below and shoot the stash of powder kegs to

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands FAQ/Walkthrough for

Once it's out, jump away to the column. Wait for the wall here to slide up and jump to the fissure on that one. From here, wall run to the left when the wall has slid up and you'll reach a swing pole. Swing through the opening in the gears after it turns and then keep swinging through to reach the exit. In the next chamber, jump to the platform in the center. Rotate the crank once


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