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installing pergola in patio swing

How to Install a Porch Swing

Donations appreciated - click in upper right corner "info" circle. Ensuring proper support for the swing is key for good installation. Find a swing on Amazon

How to Install a Porch Swing how-tos DIY

Installing a Porch Swing Step 1- Determine Swing Location Keep in mind youll want to allow four feet of room in front and behind the swing for adequate swinging motion. Locate the ceiling joists above the area, ours were exposed underneath a deck.

How to Hang a Porch Swing Hunker

The porch swing is a great place to go to talk with a friend, read a book or check out what's going on in the neighborhood. Everyone likes the gentle swing and peace of a porch swing. But before installing the swing, you must make sure the support beam is strong enough to hold the weight of the swing and the people in it.

How to Build a Porch Swing with Pictures

To build a porch swing, start by measuring the area where you want to install your swing to determine how long you should cut your slats. Then, cut 17 slats for the seats, 15 salts for the back, and 4 to 6 back and bottom supports.

Porch Swing Selection and Installation Made Easy

Store your porch swing away in a garage, basement, or utility building, to protect it in winter months. Proper care and storage in the off season will make your swing last for a long time 3 Installing a Porch Swing

Build a Smaller Porch Bed Swing: Plans and Video How-To

Then spread an even layer of glue over the entire support framework, and install a sheet of 1/4 plywood cut to fit. Staple or nail the bottom in place starting in the center and working towards the edges. Install the fasteners every few inches. Step 15: Cut and Install Foam Mattress, Cut Rope Holes, Hang the Porch Bed Swingand then RELAX

Amazon.com: porch swing installation: Patio, Lawn and Garden

Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit Holds 2000 lbs,5ft Extra Long Straps Strap with Safer Lock Snap Carabiner Hooks Perfect for Tree Swing and Hammocks, Perfect For Swings,Carry Pouch Easy Fast Installation

Tutorial: Build an Amazing DIY Pergola and Firepit with Swings

Installing swings. Using a corded drill with a 12 long and 1/2 bit, drill the holes to place your eye bolts for your swing hardware. You will need to find the center of each pergola section and your measurements will depend on the length of your porch swings. We used six 6 foot porch swings that we purchased from a local craftsman.

How To Properly Hang A Porch Swing

The Swing Stand Option If you discover that your ceiling can't sustain the weight of your porch swing and you don't have a sturdy tree limb to hang it from, take a look at our free-standing A-frame swing packages. They come with a stand for convenient placement anywhere on the lawn, in the garden, or on a large porch or patio surface.


Ensure you are not planning to position the swing set over top of any sprinkler equipment. Ensure no overhead obstacles within 6 of the top of the playset power lines, roofs, trees, etc. . Installation of any play surface products ie: sand, mulch, etc. should be done ONLY after play set installation is completed.

Hanging Porch Swing

Make sure your ceiling framing is strong enough to support your porch swing. A typical two-person swing can be supported by a single 2 x 8 joist, two 2 x 6 joists, or three 2 x 4 joists, provided all joists are adequately supported at both ends for load-bearing application.

Install an Outdoor Patio Swing DoItYourself.com

Outdoor patio swings increase outdoor living space by providing a comfortable, relaxing seating option. Because patio swings are meant to hold one or more adults, secure installation is vital to safety. When installing an outdoor patio swing, ensure that everything is bolted securely. You will need

How to Hang a Porch Swing and Installation Tips

Porch Swing Hanging Alternatives. You dont have to have a front porch to enjoy an outdoor swing. An outdoor swing makes a great addition to any outdoor living space from a deck or patio to a garden. You can hang a swing with rope from a tree limb in your front yard or suspend a patio swing from a wooden pergola in your backyard.


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