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how much does a and pergola cost

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Pergola

Knowing how much it costs to install a pergola will help you decide whether its a worthwhile home improvement. After all, if the cost to build a pergola doesnt match the value youll get from it, it wouldnt make sense to purchase or install one. This guide provides details on pergola average cost by material, type, and installation

2019 How Much Does a Timber Pergola Cost?

How Much Does a Timber Pergola Cost? The cost of a timber pergola depends on the size of the pergola and its complexity. The least expensive timber pergolas come in kit form. As a rough guide, say you want a 5 metre long by 3 metre deep timber pergola. Depending on what you choose it might cost:* $2250 if it's made from treated pine and has no roof

How Much Does Pergola Cost In 2019?

The Estimated Costs Include: Costs for equipment and local materials delivery to as well as service provider transportation to and from the job site. Costs for the worksite preparations including, setting up of if wooden pergola installation, protection of any surrounding structures, materials, components, and finishes.

Pergola FAQs

We find that most our pergola designs including labor and installation average between $4000-$6000. We offer several choices for new pergolas. The cost of a pergola all depends on the size, type of materials being used, labor and time involved in the project. Your design could be more or less. Please request a free estimate online or give us a

Compare Pergolas vs Arbors Costs

A pergola is a larger structure that has four open walls and a flat or only slightly curved latticework roof. Pergolas are used to cover anything from small walkways to large patios or decks. They can be made of wood, vinyl or metal. How Much Does a Pergola Cost? A basic pergola costs approximately $2,000 to $5,000.

How Much Does Pergola Lighting Cost?

The answer is, it depends. Each structure is different in size and shape, and each pergola owner might want different lighting features. But read on for some pergola price ranges, and the features that can plump up the cost. How Much Does Pergola Lighting Cost? Lighting a standard 10x10 foot pergola starts at about $1,400.


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