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how to install a pergola over an existing patio

The mad, twisted tale of the electric scooter craze

One friend saw a guy walking down the street kicking over every scooter he came across. Another saw a rider pull up to a curb as the handlebars and headset became fully detached. My friend figures

The CNET Smart Home antes up for smart blinds

Smart Home The CNET Smart Home antes up for smart blinds. Navigating the peculiar market of smart shades as well as blinds, and deciding if they're worth the price.

AI may one day take charge of cybersecurity

All week, a cloud of paranoia looms over Las Vegas, as hackers from around the world swarm Sin City for Black Hat and Defcon, two back-to-back cybersecurity conferences taking place in the last

Ask This Old House

For over 20 years, Joe worked on many projects for This Old House and Ask This Old House. First, Joe helps a homeowner replace a broken bathroom tile with a new tile that matches the existing color.

How to connect wireless headphones to any TV

TVs How to connect wireless headphones to any TV. Use one of these methods to connect headphones to your TV and enjoy listening at full volume without disturbing others.

Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt review: Yale

Even at full price, Yale's lock might make sense over Schlage since, unlike the Camelot, you aren't required to use a fee-based automation system in order to unlock its full features.

Cosy Outdoor Patio Designs

Consider a patio paver installation nearby or right up against the decorating a patio. Even a single fountain looks interesting. If your budget allows it, add a pergola over part of the pool patio

Ed the Plumber Episodes TV Guide

Tips and advice for various plumbing projects, including adding a water-filtration system, installing a garbage-disposal system and rebuilding a toilet tank.

Oculus VR promised us the future. Too bad we're stuck in

It was being sold for $400, a third less than its original price, for six weeks over the summer before jumping back up to $499. The company's chief competitors, Sony and HTC, followed suit.

Baobab's VR bunnies want to take over your brain

Wearable Tech Cartoon bunnies are hacking your brain. VR's mind tricks can teleport you into a Pixar-like world where your role and "smart" characters suck you deeper into the story.

August Smart Lock review: August makes the smart lock

The fact that it works with your existing deadbolt is also a plus. The $250 asking price international availability pending puts August on the more expensive end of the smart-lock spectrum.


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