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a pergola is a type of

Types of Pergola with Roof Pergola Kits

There was a time when pergola with roof was unheard of. Pergolas were defined as being a structure with an open roof. However, now as more and more people wish to enjoy outdoor living, regardless of what season or time of day it is, a pergola with roof is now much more popular than a conventional pergola.

Building a Pergola: Types, Uses and Costs SignatureContractors

A pergola makes an excellent space for entertaining company due to the shade and atmosphere it provides. The quintessential pergola is a wooden structure comprised of four wooden columns that support lattice framework, usually decorated with flowers or vines. The latticed roof is what sets a pergola apart from the solid-roofed cousin, the gazebo.

What are the Different Types of Curved Pergola?

A curved pergola is a creative way to add shaded space and dimension to an outdoor living area. There are several styles of pergolas, and these trellises with their open framework can be installed in almost any location. Some pergolas are attached to the home, while others are freestanding, or

What Is a Pergola? realtor.com

Unlike other types of backyard structures that come with closed roofs like gazebos or ramadas, a pergola is an open-roof feature that provides filtered shade, says John Mochelle, an

How to Build a Pergola - thespruce.com

Your pergola might require a building permit if it falls within certain size or structure-type criteria for backyard structures. Exterior structures also typically cannot be built within a certain distance of property lines.

Five Types of Gazebos To Choose From - Housely

A pergola is a framework for supporting climbing plants, often with a lattice roof. The pergola is long and functional, and the focus of this structure is on the vines or other climbing plants that cover it. The roof, which may either be open or closed, is supported by simple, sturdy pillars for the plants to climb up.

What Is a Pergola and What Are They Used For?

How to Choose a Pergola for Your Backyard. When it comes to choosing a pergola for your backyard, you have a lot of options. In addition to choosing between gable and flat styles, you also have to think about the type of material you want to use, the size of the pergola, and what youre going to use it for.


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