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which direction should a pergola face

Which Way Do They Go? Louver Basics Revealed

Which Way Should Louvers Face? Many customers ask us about the direction fixed louvers should go. Here's an answer for all who've wondered There is an age-old question about which way the louvers in fixed louver shutters should point. This also applies to operable louvers, but of course, those can be changed per individual preference.

What is House Orientation and Why It Is important

Ever wondered why your house is unusually cold in winter or hot in summer? The answer could boil down to orientation. House orientation is when the building is designed to harness the natural elements including seasonal variations. This style of passive design rarely makes it on to the home buyers

Pergola Placement for Shade Home Guides SF Gate

Placing the pergola directly beside your house often shades your home's windows as well, so consider this when deciding on the best location. Shading windows that receive hot afternoon sun might

Need Shade? Pergolas Give Instant Results

It should look like it has always been there and be comfortable. The width is determined by its purpose. Is it covering an existing patio or deck? Is a certain size shady area needed by the pool? The challenging aspect of designing a large pergola is to keep interior posts to a minimum. They get in the way, but are necessary for support.

Pergola Question LawnSite

I am in the process of designing a pergola for my back patio. We are installing this as the backyard faces the south and we need shade. So my question is this, when installing the rafters on the pergola, which way should they face to get the most protection from the sun?

Which way to face the front door? Which way is best to orient

we are about to build a house in Texas. I am assuming to face the front door toward NORTH, but would like your opinion. We also want to build a pool and would like to get shade over the pool area for late afternoon 3 6 pm , assuming that the pool should be on the southeast side?

How To Build A Free Standing Pergola

Think sun Yup, what direction does the sun rise and set is how you should set the rafters. They should be perpendicular to the sun. This way, the pergola make the shade. Otherwise, it will still look nice but wont create shade. I mean, thats OK but why not make some nice shade while youre doing the planning? How to build a pergola

Pergola question

Here is a picture of my pergola. I get a lot of shade since I used 1X6 boards angled at 45*. It is on the south side of the house and the patio was hardly ever used before I built the patio. Now it is used whenever the temperature is high enough. The pergola was made from pressure treated lumber and I painted it with a solid stain.

Should Decking Ridges Face Up or Down?

In deck construction there is one question that is sure to ignite passionate argument: Should decking ridges face up or down? Into the Groove. Decking timber usually have ridges that run along the length of the board. Also called grooves or reeds, these ridges on the board may face up to provide functionality and aesthetics.

What direction should my backyard face for the most

What direction should my backyard face for the most "winter" sun? Find answers to this and many other questions on Trulia Voices, a community for you to find and share local information. Get answers, and share your insights and experience.

Window orientation and placement BUILD

The most important orientation aspect to consider is the direction your house and windows face and their solar access. In high humid climates and hot dry climates with no winter heating requirements, orientation should aim to exclude sun year round and maximise exposure to cooling breezes.

Pergola design

Building an outdoor pergola by yourself is a great way to save money, but you should be aware of the obstacles you have to face during the project. You should plan everything from the very beginning: the size, design and material you are going to use, and comply with the local requirements. See our pergola plans HERE.

Pergola The Garden and Patio Home Guide

A wall pergola can also be used to shade windows and is an excellent way to connect detached buildings to the house such as a garage or pool house. Many homeowners use them as a transitional space between indoors and out and of course to add to the look of their house itself.

Orientaion Of A Pergola

Couldn't give advice on which way rafters should run without spans, typically they run on the shorter span, with the beams running the longer spans. The higher the pergola the less effective they are for shading unless you do something on the sides. Some folks don't like them to be too low, they want the a big open feel.


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