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pergola decorative rafter tails

how to cut a 4x6 decorative rafter tail for Pavilion

This video is about how we go about cutting a 4x6 rafter tail for a pavilion that i building around my pool . enjoy Cutting Common Rafters How to Cut Decorative Ends on Pergola Joists

Faux Beams and Rafter Tails

Faux wood beams are beautifully modeled after traditional rustic wood beams. The great thing about faux wood beams is the ease of installation. These beams are light weight and can easily be screwed and glued to your ceiling.

Rafter Tails and Truss Tails Faux Wood, Easy Maintenance

About Rafter Tails. Decorative rafter tails are a great way to add a distinctive and striking touch to your home. From light enhancements to dramatically changing your building exterior's look, faux wood rafter tails are easily slipped over standard beams. Rafter tails, also called truss tails, can fit nearly every budget and architectural style.

Rafter Tails

RAFTER TAILS Select your rafter tail material. Rafter tails offer a beautiful functional or decorative accent to your home. Whether you need an authentic looking rustic rafter tail or a beautiful maintenance free solution, we have rafter tails to meet your need.

Rafter Tails Southern Woodcraft

Decorative end cuts are commonly seen on rafter ends, beams, pergolas and trellises - and even as capitals. By adding a decorative end, you can transform any timber into a work of art. Decorative end cuts have been used architecturally for centuries. Choose one of our designs to add a final touch to your project.

Architectural Elements Inc. Wood Rafter Tails

Wood Rafter Tails. Rough or smooth finish, Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar. All of our structural wooden blocks and brackets are available in a variety of sizes.

Design My Pergola Sugarland Pergola

The main beam of the pergola can be attached with bolts through the post, or with decorative post to beam brackets for an upgraded and classic design Pergola Rafter Tails There are many options available for custom pergola rafter tail cuts, from standard Napa or Craftsman to more decorative Windsor or Spartan.


Mark 141 long rafters, 10-1/2 in from ends on each end. Predrill four holes and attach two posts with 3-1/2 long exterior decking screws. Make sure the two posts are parallel at top and bottom when you attach rafters. NOTE: If cutting decorative tails on rafters see step 3 do this on sawhorses on the ground before attaching to pergola.

Faux Wood Rafter Tails

AZ Faux Beams inventory contains rafter tails suitable for every project, budget and architectural style. Rafter tails are very versatile products, often used as cross panels in pergola roofs, or slid over wood rafters or truss ends to further enhance a look. Rough Sawn, Majestic and Rustic Rafter Tails ship from Southern California

Cutting decorative raftertails

Getting a jig saw to cut thick material at 90 degrees isn't easy. The blades always wander. Can you fake the tails? On a few pergolas I've built, I added the decorative tails to a ledger. This allowed me to work with short pieces and a combination of a hole saw in a drill press and the band saw.


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