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stabilizing a pergola

Bracing for a free-standing, pergola style patio roof

On a 4-post, free-standing, pergola style patio cover roof, I am wondering if there is an alternative to using those big knee braces. The cover I am planning is a little lower than some, and I'd like to avoid the knee braces if possible for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Stabilizing a Freestanding Trellis Home Guides SF Gate

Freestanding trellises don't have the luxury of a wall or fence to lean against. If the plants growing on the trellis aren't too heavy, such as sweet peas, it may be sufficient to anchor trellis

How to Stabilize Wood Posts with a Concrete Girdle - dummies

Damaged fence posts lean and wobble, undermining the stability of your entire fence. You may not have to replace a damaged post if you can stabilize it with a concrete girdle. You need a claw hammer, tapered surveyor stakes, premixed concrete, and water. Heres what to do: Take out adjacent fence

How Install Free Standing Trellis - bestgardentrellis.com

How Install Free Standing Trellis March 22, 2015 bestgardentrellis Freestanding Trellis Seven Trusts Creative Ideas Build a trellis that looks great as an outdoor architectural element

Stabilize the posts on a pergola? Hometalk

Has anyone ever used brick or concrete blocks to build a permanent post around the legs post of a pre made pergola? I want to put one on my patio, but that area is susceptible to fairly strong winds at time and I thought that by creating a brick casement around the existing post may make it more sturdy and wind resistant.

Pergola Posts A Little Wobbly - Building and Construction - DIY

I thought after fastening the beams and rafters, plus a pair of knee/y-braces to each corner, things would stabilize. They did quite a bit, but there's still movement when I push against the posts. So, I'm looking for some suggestions.

The Advanced Guide to Pergola Covers - OUTDOOR LIVING online

Imagine if the garden that you took all the pains to make perfect has its best view being ruined due to an element that you cannot control. A pergola cover can hide away such elements and make your garden look beautiful from under the pergola. A pergola cover can also help you create customized themes for your backyard parties.

Help Request - Stabilizing A Freestanding Pergola : DIY

help Help Request - Stabilizing A Freestanding Pergola submitted 2 years ago by Maniranha If I push on the posts in the same direction of the 2x10's - there is no movement.

Shaky Pergola - Decks and Fencing - Contractor Talk

My client wanted a pergola which I call an arbor. I looked at a couple of photos of these things and they looked pretty simple. We built a 16' x10' one using three 4x6 PT posts along it side. Posts are about 32" in the ground with a bag of sacrete each. These are 8'6" high and on top of these we placed double 2x10's secured using Simpson BC46

Building Detached Pergola On Concrete, Need Advice - Page 2

Re: Building Detached Pergola On Concrete, Need Advice Just thought I'd stop back in to say that unfortunatley this project had to be postponed until spring since it is now just too cold to paint I'm on to updating a kitchen instead but will be getting back to this project just as soon as it's warm enough in the spring.

Installing Pergola Footings - Dig or Not Dig? See All Options

It will distribute the weight of the pergola to the footing's load plate and the soil but it will also be securely anchored and embedded in the soil. This means you will enjoy some of the load bearing and stabilizing properties of a ground anchored footing without the cost, time and effort associated with digging holes and pouring cement.

How to Stabilize a Pergola Garden Guides

Outdoor pergolas encounter winds, rains and storms that can sway or topple them if they are not structurally sound. Using large posts in larger postholes provides area for concrete in the footing to hold the posts in place. Additional lengths of vertical posts in the ground also add sturdiness to a pergola. Determine the placement of the pergola.


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