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building pergola diy or buy kit

The pros and cons of building your own computer

Build vs. Buy For basic word processing, Web browsing, and video streaming, a computer from your local Best Buy will do just fine. In fact, you may be better suited for a low-priced laptop than a

Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Made Simple

Retrofit Bath Kits: can be purchased at build.com and range from: $25.99 for Kitchen to $29.99 bath . Also available on Amazon. Also available on Amazon. More information, visit PFWaterworks.net .

Googles AIY kits let you build a smart speaker or smart

Smart Home Google includes a Raspberry Pi in a DIY smart speaker kit. The updated kits are rolling out to Target and include everything you need to build your own smart speaker or smart camera.

Build your own lightsaber with modular parts from Kickstarter

Depending on the level of detail and quality, a DIY lightsaber can cost anywhere between $60 and $1,000, while the average build would set you back approximately $160 around £100 or AU$210 .

'DIY streetview' camera lets you be Google

Culture 'DIY streetview' camera lets you be Google. Camera kit from German company Streetview Technology lets you create your own Street View-style images and maps and post them to your Web site.

Piper's Minecraft DIY computer kit teaches kids

The eventual result of his work was the Piper DIY electronic kit with a Minecraft theme, since so many kids love Minecraft. The computer is housed in a wooden box, since wood is a cornerstone of

Do-it-yourself ghost hunting

Gaming Do-it-yourself ghost hunting. If you're looking for ghosts this Halloween, you don't need a Proton pack. A professional ghost hunter takes us to the reportedly haunted Brookdale Lodge and

Turn your iPad into a DIY photo booth

Turn your iPad into a DIY photo booth. December 16, 2014. Transcript MUSIC Christmas celebrations are a great time to capture all those holiday memories on camera, and to make it even more fun


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