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Exempt development: frequently asked questions

commercial and industrial and additional housing exempt development types commenced on 7 September 2009. How does the Statewide Exempt Development Code relate to existing local council codes? If the Statewide Exempt Development Code covers the same development type listed in a council exempt development code, then the Statewide code prevails.

State Environmental Planning Policy Exempt and Complying

State Environmental Planning Policy Exempt and Complying Development 2008 Codes SEPP You can carry out certain development without approval provided you meet the Codes SEPP requirements below: What development is exempt development? General requirements for exempt development

Exempt development - Pergola and height - Real Estate - Home

At least in QLD, it may not be exempt development but would highly unlikely be anything more than 'self assessable' development. Still meaning no planning approval required as long as it's generally compliant with the intent for the area. Someone from NSW might be able to confirm something along similar lines.

Exempt Development - Sutherland Shire Council

Exempt development can be carried out in most parts of the Shire, except for some environmentally sensitive land, national parks and some land containing heritage items. In many cases a particular development will be prevented from being exempt development because of its location in an environmentally sensitive area such as below a foreshore

NSW Housing Code A guide to complying development

It is important to remember that development undertaken as exempt development must be carried out in accordance with the development standards contained within the General Exempt Development Code as well as any other relevant legislation, codes and standards. For example, a general requirement for exempt development is that it must meet

Balconies, decks, patios, pergolas, terraces

balconies, decks, patios, pergolas, terraces and verandahs that can be installed as exempt development. Figure 1 . Further Information For more information visit the. Exempt and Complying Development Policy website or contact the Departments Exempt and Complying Development Team on 1300 305 695 or by email 5. Electronic Housing Code

FACT SHEET 16: Exempt and Complying Development

Exempt development allows for certain low impact development, such as building a pergola or garden shed, to be carried out without the consent of Council. Complying development allows for a 10 day approval process for development such as

Exempt development - Environment, Planning and Sustainable

The development must not breach the Heritage Act 2004 or the Tree Protection Act 2005. Please refer to the Department of Territory and Municipal Services for more information on trees and heritage. Below is a list of some kinds of development that may be exempt from needing development approval if they meet certain requirements.

Exempt Development - Randwick City Council

Exempt Development is development of a minor nature, like a fence or rainwater tank, that may be carried out without Council consent. Check if your project meets our specific criteria.

Do I need council approval for my deck or patio cover

Do I need council approval for my deck or pergola? What size deck needs council approval? We get asked this question ever day of the week and generally speaking approximately 80-90% of our constructions require some kind of an approval. This could be Complying Development CDC or a Development Application DA .

Exempt Development - bathurst.nsw.gov.au

Exempt development typically covers small-scale structures associated with a dwelling such as sheds, pergolas, fences, rainwater tanks, patios, carports and the like. The pre-set criteria are contained in Council's Bathurst Regional Local Environmental Plan 2014 - Schedule 2 Exempt Development. Notification of Exempt Development application form

Exempt Development - Department of Planning and Environment

This is called exempt development. Exempt development is very low impact development that can be done for certain residential, commercial and industrial properties. A few examples of development that can be exempt development are: decks, garden sheds, carports, fences, repairing a window or painting a house.

Carports NSW Planning Portal

However, if there is a primary and secondary dwelling on the lot, two carports may be provided. For a full list of development standards that a carport must meet to be exempt development, please refer to these provisions of the State Policy. Example. Standards for carports built as exempt development Other considerations

Exempt development - Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

pergolas; aerials, and some others. It is not easy to provide a single definition of exempt development for all as the scale of proposed works and property location and any restrictions on it, can have an impact on the approval type you need. To determine if the work you want to do is Exempt Development there are a few options available to you:

Exempt development NSW Planning Portal

Council approval is not needed if your project meets specific development standards. The standards you must comply with for most exempt development works are in the State Environmental Planning Policy Exempt and Complying Development Codes 2008 the State Policy . Examples of exempt development under the Policy include: advertising and signage

Guide to Exempt Development and Complying Development

exempt development and complying development, principally under the State Environmental Planning Policy Exempt and Complying Development Codes 2008, known as the Codes SEPP. The guide only covers a limited number of the different types of development which may be carried out as either exempt development or complying

Exempt Development - Campbelltown City Council

Exempt Development is development that is of minimal environmental impact and provided it meets certain strict criteria, does not require any development approval. Examples of the types of works/activities that can be considered as Exempt Development are available on the NSW Planning and Environment Planning Portal website.

Ku-ring-gai Council - Exempt development

This is called 'exempt development'. Exempt development is very low impact development that can be done for certain residential properties. Providing your building project meets specific development standards, approval from Council is not needed. What type of work is exempt development? There are over 50 types of work classified as exempt

When a DA is required - City of Sydney

Exempt and complying developments. Some minor development, called exempt development, does not require consent. Another type of development, called complying development, requires a complying development certificate. Please contact a duty planner at the City for further information about these types of developments see contacts below .

Exempt and Complying City of Canada Bay Council

Exempt Development Exempt development is development that will have minimal impact on the local environment eg a low front fence, barbeque, solar hot water heater or pergola . If your proposed development complies with the requirements for each development type, you do not need approval from Council.

Exempt Development - mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au

Not constructed or altered so that any portion of the pergola is nearer to an existing boundary of a road than any distance that may be prescribed in respect of set-backs in the Development Plan for the road No part of the pergola will be in front of any part of the building line of the building it is

Developments Exempt from Requiring Development Approval

Page 3 of 5 a Developments Exempt from Requiring Development Approval Water Tank and any supporting structure Subject to the following: The site does not contain a State or Local

Exempt Development AlburyCity

Exempt Development. Exempt Development is a form of development that, by its nature is considered to be minor, if it satisfies a number of set conditions. This form of development does not require the formal approval of Council. Schedule 2 of the Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010 lists certain Exempt Development Types.


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