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east west orientation of pergola

which direction do you orient a pergola for the best shade

Does the long way go north-south or east-west? Which direction do you orient a pergola for the best shade? and will get big enough to cover pergola leave in

House Orientation Dallas - Ft Worth Green Scene Home

How does your house orientation affect its energy efficiency? The direction the house faces and the placement of windows determines its exposure to the sun. For an existing home, theres not a lot you can do about the orientation, but you can mitigate the amount of direct sunlight absorbed into your home.

House block orientation Renmark Homes

Obviously not all blocks in a subdivision can have the rear yard facing north. While ideal orientation is solar north, blocks with orientations of up to 20 west and 30 east of north still allow good passive sun control. A block with a less desirable orientation could still take advantage of the north sun with clever and innovative design.

Australias amazing Upcycle House is made from the ruins of

Australias amazing Upcycle House is made from the ruins of an old home to take advantage of the buildings East-West orientation, with insulated brick and a solar pergola the entrance

Orientation YourHome

Although this orientation suits Darwin where cool breezes come predominantly from the north-west, it can be simply reconfigured for east or west coast tropical sites. It divides the home into separate pavilions to maximise the cross-flow of breezes. Canopy trees partially overhang the roof and shade all walls without blocking breezes.

Thinking of two different approaches to a pergola. : DIY - reddit

Thinking of two different approaches to a pergola. where as running them east-west would give the effect of a solid roof at noon, depending on if you use 2x4s or

House plans and orientation of house - Houzz Australia

And I think the design of the house should flow from the topography and orientation, and not the other way around. To give you a concrete example, our last house sat on a ridge, with front of the house facing the road east , living and dining areas on the north side with views to west and east, and deck on the west.

Need help for outdoor patio with East to West sun exposure

Need help for outdoor patio with East to West sun exposure. A combination of a pergola and shutters that are naturally vented but can be locked down in windy

Pergola Design Ideas - Landscaping Network

Pergolas are also great for defining spaces within the landscape and creating an inviting transition between indoors and out. Pergola placement. Pergolas and similar structures work great both within the landscape and right next to the home. When placed within the landscape, a pergola is visible from indoors and sets a beautiful scene.

House orientation Smarter Homes

It's important to consider orientation before you buy a property including an apartment or townhouse , or start designing a new home or renovation. It's also worth considering orientation for your existing home, especially if there are small or no windows facing north, or large areas of glazing facing east, west or south.

Orientaion Of A Pergola - Decks and Fencing - Contractor Talk

The yard is south facing and the pergola will be just west of south. along with looks the project is also to add shade. Thinking about it I would figure it would be best to run the rafters east to west or would north to south be better? Another thing is the house bumps out a bit beside where the pergola is going to be built.

The importance of building orientation - EcoWho

Ideal house orientation The ideal house solar orientation for Passive Solar benefit is that the main long axis of the building runs East-West, i.e the ridge line. You can move this by as much as 20 degrees without ill effect, but the most glass on the building must be facing towards the Sun.

Window orientation and placement BUILD

Its important to design your home for the entire year, not just one season. The ideal house orientation is one that runs along an East-West axis so that wall areas receiving hot morning and afternoon sun are minimised. Also take into account the location of landscape features such as trees and walls and their impact on solar access.

Custom Split Level Pergola - Green Okie

Considerations are many, East, West orientation, soffit height, gutters and downspouts, patio shape, direction of drainage and privacy issues. On top of everything is architectural and structural design such as wood size and span between legs.

What is House Orientation and Why It Is important

In most cities, the ideal is to have your yard facing west as this is where most of your outdoor time at home is spent and that should be in the afternoon sun, he says That means the front of the house faces the street to the east, capturing the morning sun.

The Best Orientation When Building a Home Home Guides SF Gate

Build the home on a long east/west axis within 15 degrees of due east/west. A house designed to benefit from passive solar energy will by definition be rectangular rather than boxy to maximize

Pergola Designs Construction, Style, Arbors and Materials

This can be accomplished by tilting the top of the slats to the East. Pergolas which make use of this type of design style are often referred to as solar pergolas. With the slats East and West, the pergola will cast the same shade throughout the day. This can be a good option in cases where you just want a steady climate.


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