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attaching a pergola to a stucco house

How To Attach To Stucco - Decks and Fencing - Contractor Talk

They required more room through the gate for a new snowblower, so i had to scrap the steel posts against the house and now i have a gate closing onto the side of the house stucco I made a wood block and fastened the gate latch to it and attempted to fasten in to the building but no luck.

Pergola Ledger to Stucco - Fine Homebuilding

Here is my detail for attaching a 2×10 ledger to syn-stucco for a pergola over a patio. Make short stand-offs out of 2 galv. pipe and holesaw 1/2 deep pockets into the ledger board to accept the pipe.

Pergola Ledger Over Stucco? - General Discussion - Contractor

Hello, I'm preparing myself to a possible job of installing a pergola over a patio door with a high stucco wall. I was wondering what is the best way to attach the ledger over the sliding door. Do I find the top and bottom plate and remove the stucco to attach to it, or do I just find the top and bottom plates and attach over the stucco. Thanks

How to Mount a Trellis to Stucco Without Drilling Home

Attach the trellis to the 4-inch side of the boards to leave a 2-inch gap between the trellis and stucco wall. 3 Hold the trellis up against the stucco wall until you achieve the desired position.

Ledger to a stucco house - Fine Homebuilding

The lags would only be there to keep the pergola from moving laterally away from the house, or toward the house. The 3/4" gap would allow water to drain and keep the stucco and ledger dry, thus preventing problems with mold or rot. Deck boards could span the gap and by butting to the house, would keep the pergola from moving toward the house.

Attaching Pergola Ledger Board To Brick - Best Photos Of

Re ledger for pergola ion wood deck ledger boards what you don t know could hurt thanks diy dseq113 3 final11 how to build a deck materials flashing ledger boards young house loveAttaching PergolaContinue Reading

Pergola Attached to Side of House or Patio - Building a Pergola.

Pergola Attached to House Making a pergola where the deck meets the house on two sides creates a cool retreat, and it supplies welcome relief from the harsh morning sunlight coming into my east-facing master bedroom window.

installing ledger board over stucco - JLC-Online Forums

Re: installing ledger board over stucco If you can, you may want to consider making the decks freestanding to avoid disturbing the stucco. It is very difficult to remove the stucco without tearing the waterproofing paper behind the stucco. This paper needs to stay intact so it will overlap the new ledger flashing.

Attaching a ledger board - Stucco

Hi, I have a question regarding attaching a ledger board to a stucco home. My wife and I are looking at installing a deck but friends instructed us we would not be able to attach a ledger board to our stucco home. What is required to attach a ledger board to a stucco home and keep it leak proof? I hope you can see what's going on.

Attaching Pergola To Brick House - Best Photos Of Brick

Attaching pergola to house with vinyl siding attach ledger stucco brick veneer spotthevuln attaching pergola to house with vinyl siding attach ledger stucco brick veneer spotthevuln cut tops of the posts attaching pergola to houseContinue Reading


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