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Mad Dash Racing FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox by

A little past 2 and 3, look for a fallen totem pole. Run along the top. 5. Keep running down the totem pole. 6. Keep to the right, go through a short tunnel just before the first pier bridge. 7. After the tunnel, turn left through the pond, and run off the ramp. 8. Along the first section of the pier, look on top of the posts along the right. 9. On top of the first gazebo on the pier. Jump up

Katamari Forever FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

The first is the Telephone Pole Ad. Go through the 1.5m barrier and turn left on the road. Be about 3m when you're doing this. Go up the road a ways, and when you come to the tunnel, look at the big telephone pole on your right. The ad is up on top of the telephone pole, and it's blue. You'll have to jump to get it. Next, get just over 5m. Go strht up to the area that you first started in

BloodRayne 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

Kick will make her swing around the pole, and jump will cause her to jump in the direction her back is facing. Sliding down with the LAS down will cause her to hang upside down. After landing, you get to meet the rail grind. If you ever go down a rail, it will always grind. You can jump side to side more on that later , or jump up if you don't press the LAS in any direction. Hold while

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox

Jump up on the platform to the left and light the cloth pole on fire, which will transfer the fire across the room and explode the debris in your way, and then move forward. When an enemy jumps down and grabs Lara's ankle wiggle the right and left to break free before the boulder crashes down, blocking his path.

Rugrats: Royal Ransom Walkthrough for GameCube by

However, the few single bananas you pick up as you make your way through the challenge area do reappear after a while. You cannot double jump when you are holding a monkey. If you make a misstep bringing a monkey to a cage you will drop the monkey and have to catch it again. On the more difficult levels of play throw bananas at the Angelicas-in-a-Box to set them off instead of trying to edge

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones FAQ/Walkthrough for

It slid down a short distance and faced to a pole that projected off a platform to one side. The block of stone slowly ground in and out from its niche, coming flush with the wall for a moment or two then retracting. A dagger plate was set on it, and he waited until the stone came closest to him before leaping to stab to it. The stone retracted, and he was borne along with it, till he came

The Last of Us Remastered

Cl under the road and meet up with the others at the major intersection and then check the street pole head for the Evacuation Leaflet on the ground, near the Fourth Street West sign. Follow Tess to the end of the street and then veer left before heading uphill to find a truck with Parts x5 inside.

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

Go around to the other side of the pole to find a viewer. Your goal here is to fit the sun into the ring in the middle by making it rotate at the same speed as the sun. Once you get it right, the mechanism will activate, powering up the age. Go back out to the walkway and go left until you see another lever. Pull the lever and quickly enter the big bucket to your left. If you got it right, the


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