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pergola building permit ontario

Do I need a building permit? City of Ottawa

Construction of an accessory building detached garages and garden sheds , including pre-fabricated buildings, occupying an area greater than 10 square metres 108 square feet requires a building permit. The Ontario Building Code outlines the minimum requirements for various elements, such as framing and foundation, and can be viewed on the

California Pergola Kits

California Pergola Kits California landscaping has many different styles, including city, suburban, mountain, and oceanside. One common thread for property-owners in each type of location is a desire to create a welcoming outdoor gathering place for family and friends that offers some shade and style.

building permits

Building Permits Applying for a Building Permit Applications. All Building Permit Applications are brought in to the front counter on the lower level of the Administration Building. 1 All permits applications will be reviewed for the completeness of their content at the counter.

Planning and Building

A building permit may not always be required, but all accessory structures must comply with zoning by-law regulations. The regulations that deal with accessory structures can be found in 4.1.2 - Accessory Buildings and Structures of the zoning by-law. When planning your project, find out the zoning designation of your property.

Building Permits Windsor, CO

Estimates for Building Permit Fees If you would like an estimate for your project please click below and chose the type of project. The required form will need to be sent to the Permit Technician and the estimate of fees will be sent to you per email, fax, or mail.

When is a Building Permit Required?

A building permit is required for: Any structure occupying an area greater than 10m 2 108 sqft consisting of a wall, roof or floor, or a structural system serving the function thereof, including all plumbing, works, fixtures and service systems that lead to/service that structure;

Detached Garage and Shed/Gazebo/Cabana

Building permit fees are payable at the time of application and are as follows: Building Permit Fee $2.10 per m2 minimum $150.00 flat fee Permit Processing and Turn-Around Time . Once a complete permit application is made it will be reviewed by a Zoning Examiner and a Plans Examiner.

Building Permit FAQs Norfolk County

A building permit gives you the legal authorization to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved dings and specifications. Building permits are issued by the Building Department and are reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the applicable municipal Zoning By-Law and other applicable provincial and

Decks with Pergola in Etobicoke Ontario

A Pergola Deck in Etobicoke. These cedar decks were designed for a home in Etobicoke Ontario. Once we removed the existing decks we discovered that the foundation had exposed stone and had never been parged. Before building, we had to excavate and parge the foundation to prevent future leaks.

Caledon Deck Builders

Do you need Permits for your Deck or Pergola? Most decks larger than 100 sq in Caledon need permits. In fact, the building department wants a permit to change the shingles on your roof here in Ontario. They mean well, and lets face it, safety is important. Fact is, only about 20% of decks built in Caledon get a permit.

Building Permits Town of Georgina

It is a violation of the Building Code Act and Municipal Bylaws to work without a permit and is therefore subject to financial and legal consequences. The property owner is responsible to ensure that a permit is obtained before work starts or the use of a building is changed and that all required inspections have been completed and approved before continuing with the next

Building and Renovating

To view a more complete list of minor construction work that is exempt from a permit, visit our web page Work Exempt from Building Permits. Although a building permit may not be required, there may be other approvals needed for your project. The following is a list of work that may need special approvals even though a building permit is not

A Guide to Building Permits for Home Owners / Renovators

A GUIDE TO BUILDING PERMITS FOR HOME OWNERS/RENOVATORS If you are planning home improvements, this guide will provide you with the information required to apply for a building permit. Building permits are necessary to ensure that zoning requirements, fire and structural safety

Procedures Ontario Association of Architects

All references in this commentary to the building code are to the Ontario Building Code 2006 OBC as amended to March 2012. On smaller projects the requirement for a Building Permit may not be obvious. Regardless of whether or not a Building Permit is required, there may be By-Law requirements to

Do I need a permit for my Pergola?

This is a question that we get asked all the time. The simple answer is yes. Most municipalities, whether they adhere to the Ontario Building Code or another one, require a permit for any Pergola more than 100 square feet.

Pergola and carport

A Victorian IP has a pergola that is at the end of its life. The wood is too poor to use in a build. The proposal is to have a new pergola, with a roof, which the current one does not have. It is proposed to build a porch over the back door contiguous with the pergola. The builder advises that as this is a repair then a building permit is not


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