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What Are Roof Rafter Collar Ties House Framing Parts - YouTube

What Are Roof Rafter Collar Ties House Framing Parts from separating and are usually spaced 48 inches on center with about 4-16 d nails used to connect each end of the collar ties to the

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I have been looking at pictures of pergolas on the www and seem to find many that have a pitched roof where there appears to be no side beam to side beam rafters and the only thing that looks like it is helping hold it all together is collar ties. I have been wondering how they manage to do this.

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I'd go the collar ties every second rafter, its kind of an unwritten law of building surveyors, there used to be a book called "carports and pergolas design and construction manual" put out by the timber promotion council, dont know if its still around.

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Explore Tina M. Adams-Sims's board "Pergolas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Metal ceiling, Metal roof and Arbors.

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Collar ties prevent rafter separation and uplift. Contrary to belief collar ties do not prevent wall separation, they are intended to prevent rafter/roof uplift. Collar ties as per current IRC code are required to be at least 1x4 nominal material but are most commonly at least 2x4's.

Controlling Rafter Deflection: Knee Walls, Purlins and Collar

Collar ties are provided on every pair of rafters to stiffen the roof framing and to control rafter sag. Collar ties braces are effective only on steep roofs. If the slope is less than 4 inches by 12 inches, collar ties are not the best solution. Collar ties braces are different from ceiling joists and rafter ties.


support the ridge. Mark the collar tie position, then place a temporary brace across the rafters. While you are nailing, make sure that the top of the rafter is level with the top of the beam. To assist in fitting the ridge, note that the first truss is one in from the front, and the second, one in from the rear. The ridge can now be cut to length.

How to Build a Pergola - Step Four - Softwoods

The rafters and collar tie should form an A shape. To establish the exact position on the rafters that the collar tie should sit, measure from the edge of the rafter to the edge point of the collar tie on both sides and check if they are about the same. If you are unsure, have a look at the diagram below for the point that you should be measuring.

How to Build a Pergola - Step Eight - Softwoods

Now that all of the gable frames are up and securely fastened you can move on to installing the ridge. The first step in installing your ridge is to gently slide it into the gap above your collar ties and below your rafters. The ridge should sit on top of the collar ties and run the length of your pergola.

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Collar ties on rafters used to be something like 1/3 down from the top, is there a rule of thumb for the height of the 45s? a pergola is a patio roof that

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Simpson Strong Tie Simpson Outdoor Accents APB66R 6 in. x 6-inch Rough ZMAX Galvanized Steel Black Powder-Coat Post Base 1-Pack

Simpson Strong-Tie HS24 18-Gauge Galvanized Saddle Rafter Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie - Saddle Rafter Tie Galvanized Steel - It is a wind and seismic tie for trusses and rafters. It is designed to help resist uplift forces and has double shear staggered nailing for lateral resistance.


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