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how to prune wisteria on a pergola

How and When to Prune Wisteria

There are relatively few plants you absolutely have to prune. Wisteria is one of them. If you ignore this rampant vine, it will eventually strangle your trees, bushes, house, and passing clouds. But how do you prune it and when? Will a pruned plant still bloom in spring? As always, Grumpy has the

How to Prune Wisteria: 10 Steps with Pictures

The first pruning clears the vine of any unruly shoots that might block sunlight from reaching the blooms. The second pruning tidies the vine up and helps encourage more blooms. Knowing how to prune wisteria correctly will help your vine produce more blooms the following season.

In the garden January 7, 2014: Pruning the wisteria vine on

Brought to you by A Gardener's Notebook blog and podcast welchwrite.com/agn/ ** Time to prune the wisteria on the backyard pergola while it is still

A Guide To Pruning Wisteria Love The Garden

Summer Wisteria pruning allows you to control its size and gives greater opportunity for training the Wisteria, to follow the path best suited to your garden, whether that is over a pergola or scrambling up a wall and delicately framing, rather than obscuring, the windows.

When to Prune a Wisteria Vine eHow

Pruning Newly Planted Wisteria. Plant wisteria in spring or fall. When you plant a wisteria, you need to decide if you want to grow it as a single- or multi-trunked plant. For a multi-stemmed wisteria, select several strong stems and cut off all others. If your plant has only one stem, prune it back to encourage growth of new stems at the cut site.

Pruning and Training Wisteria

Wisteria may be shaped into a shrub or standard, trained against a building or lattice, or grown on a pergola or arbor. Wisteria floribunda is a desirable selection to grow on pergolas and arbors because its long flowers hang dramatically through the top.

Learn How To Grow And Care For Wisteria Vines

Training Wisteria Vines and When to Prune Wisteria. While wisteria is great for covering an arbor or pergola, training wisteria vines makes it easier to control. Keep in mind, however, when training wisteria vines the variety may exhibit different twining characteristics.

Judy's Wisteria vine over the pergola

A wonderful display in the garden, Judy's Wisteria was a sight to behold with a carpet of fallen petals all over the table and ground..September 2014.

Overgrown wisteria pruning advice please. in General

As per my previous thread, I'm trying to tame a garden for the RSPB and the showpiece is this wisteria I've read up and they talk about maintaining a couple of central stems with side branches every 12" or so and cutting these back to about 4 leaves after flowering.

Learn Step By Step How To Prune Wisteria

When you grow something as beautiful as the wisteria, you dont want to ruin it by pruning it wrong. Therefore, make sure to prune your wisteria according to the directions below. Lets look at a guide to step-by-step prune a wisteria. So, first things first. When do you prune wisteria? You will


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